Laudate Dominum

Picture of Christus Rex



Rituale Romanum:

Prayers, Devotions, etc.


Actors — St. Genesius, Aug. 25.

Alpinists — St. Bernard of Menthon, May 28.

Altar boys — St. John Berchmans, Aug. 13.

Archers — St. Sebastian, Jan. 20.

Architects—St. Thomas the Apostle, Dec. 21; St. Barbara, Dec. 4.

Armourers—St. Dunstan, May 19.

Artillerymen—St. Barbara, Dec. 4,

Art—St. Catherine (Bologna), Mar, 9.

Artists—St. Luke, Oct. 18,

Astronomers—St. Dominic, Aug. 4.

Athletes—St. Sebastian, Jan. 20,

Authors—St. Francis de Sales, Jan. 29,

Automobllists—St. Frances of Rome, Mar, 9; St. Christopher, July 25.

Aviators—Our Lady of Loreto, Dec. 10; St. Therese of Lisieux, Ocr. 3; St. Joseph of Cupertino, Sept, 18.

Bakers—St, Elizabeth of Hungary, Nov. 19; St. Nicholas, Dec, 6.

Bankers—St. Matthew, Sept, 21.

Barbers—SS. Cosmos and Damian, Sept. 27; St. Louis. Aug. 25.

Barren Women—St. Anthony of Padua, June 13; St. Felicitas, Nov, 23.

Basketmakers—St. Anthony, Abbot, Jan. 17.

Beggers—St. Alexius, July 17.

Bell-makers—St. Alexius, July 17.

Blacksmiths—St. Dunstan, May 19.

Blind—St. Odilia, Dec. 13; St. Raphael, Oct. 24.

Bodily Ills—Our Lady of Lourdes, Feb. 11.

Bookbinders—St. Peter celestine, May 19.

Booksellers—St. John of God, March 5.

Boy Scouts—St. George, April 23.

Brewers—St. Augustine of Hippo, Aug, 28; St. Luke, Oct. 18; Sl. Nicholas of Myra, Dec. 5.

Bricklayers—St. Stephen, Dec. 26.

Brides—St. Nicholas of Myra, Dec. 6.

Brush-makers—St. Anthony, Abbot, Jan. 17.

Builders—St. Vincent Ferrer, April 5,

Butchers—St. Anthony, Abbot, Jan, 17; St. Hadrian, Sept. 5; St. Luke, Oct. 18.

Cabdrivers—St. Fiacre, Aug. 30.

Cabinet-makers—St. Anne, July 26.

Cancer Patients—St. Peregrine, May 2.

Canonists—St. Raymond of Penafort, Jan. 23.

Carpenters—St. Joseph, March 19.

Catechists—St. Viator, Oct. 21; St. Charles Boromeo, Nov. 4; St. Robert Bellarmine, May 13.

Catholic Action—St. Francis of Assisi, Oct. 4.

Chandlers—St. Ambrose, Dec. 7; St. Bernard of Clairvaux. Aug. 20.

Charitable Societies—St. Vincent de Paul, July 19.

Chemists/Druggists—SS. Cosmas and Damian, Sept. 27; St. James the Less, May 1.

Children—St. Nicholas of Myra, Dec. 6.

Children of Mary—St. Agnes, Jan 21; St. Maria Goretti, July 9.

Choir Boys—Holy Innocents, Dec. 28.

Clerics—St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother, Feb. 27.

Comedians—St. Vitus, June 15.

Confessors—St. Alphonsus Ligouri, Aug. 2; St. John Nepomucene, May 16.

Convulsions in Children—St. Scholastica, Feb. 10.

Cooks—St. Lawrence, Aug. 10; St. Martha, July 29.

Coopers—St. Nicholas of Myra, Dec. 6.

Coppersmiths—St. Maurus, Jan. 15.

Dairy workers—St. Brigid, Feb. 1.

Deaf—St. Francis de Sales, Jan. 29.

Dentists—St. Apollonia, Feb, 9.

Desperate Situations—St. Gregery of Neocaesarea, Nov. 17; St. Jude Thaddeus, Oct. 28.

Domestic Animals—St. Anthony, Abbot, Jan. 17.

Dyers—SS. Maurice aud Lydia, Aug. 3.

Dying—St. Joseph, March 19; St. Barbara, Dec, 4,

Emigrants—St. Francis Xavier Cabrini, Nov, 13.

Engineers—St. Ferdinand III, May 30.

Eucharistic Congresses and Societies—St. Paschal Bayleu, May 17.

Expectant Mothers—St. Margaret, July 20; St. Raymond Nonnatus, Aug. 31; St. Gerard Majella, Oct. 16,

Eye Trouble—St. Lucy, Dec, 13.

Falsely Accused—St. Raymond Nonnatus, Aug, 31.

Farmers—St. George, April 23; St, Isidore, Mar. 22.

Farriers—St. John the Baptist, Aug. 29.

Firefighters—St. Florian, May 4.

Fire Prevention—St. Catherine of Siena, April 30; St. Barbara, Dec. 4.

First Communicants—Bl. Imelda, May 12; st. Tarcisius, Aug. 15.

Fishermen—St, Andrew, Nov. 30,

Florists—St. Dorothy. Feb. 5; St. Therese, Oct. 3.

Forest-workers—St. John Gualbert, July 12.

Founders—St. Barbara, Dec. 4.

Foundlings—Holy Innocents, Dec. 28.

Fullers—St. Anastasius the Fuller, Sept. 7; St. James the Less, May 1.

Funeral Directors—St. Joseph of Arimathea, March 17.

Gardeners—St, Dorothy, Feb. 6; St. Adalard, Jan, 2; St. Tryplum, Nov. 10; St. Fiacre, Aug. 30.

Glass-workers—St, Luke, Oct. 18.

Goldsmiths—St. Dunstan, May 19; St. Anastasius, Sept. 7.

Grave-diggers and Graveyards—St. Anthony the Abbot, Jan. 17.

Greetings—St. Valentine, Feb. 14.

Grocers—St. Michael, Sept. 29.

Gunners—St. Barbara, Dec, 4.

Hatmakers—St. Severus of Ravenna, Feb. 1; St. James the Less, May 1.

Haymakers—SS. Gervase and Protase, June 19.

Headaches—St. Teresa of Avila, Oct. 15.

Heart Ailments—St. John of God, Mar. 8.

Hospitals—St. Camillus de Lelles, July 18; St. John of God. March 8; St. Jude Thaddeus, Oct. 28.

Housewives—St. Anne, July 26.

Hunters—St. Hubert, Nov. 3.

Huntsmen—St. Eustachius, Sept. 20.

Inn-keepers—St. Amand, Feb. 5.

Invalids—St. Roch. Aug. 16.

Jewellers—St. Eligius, Dec. 1.

Journalists—St. Francis de Sales, Jan. 29.

Jurists—St. Catherine of Alexandria. Nov. 25; St. John Capistran, Mar. 28.

Knights—St. Michael, Sept. 29.

Labourers—St. Isidore, May 10; St. James, July 25.

Lawyers—St. Ivo, May 19; St. Genesius, Aug. 25.

Learning—St. Ambrose, Dec. 7; St. Acca, Nov. 27.

Librarians—St. Jerome, Sept 30.

Locksmiths—St. Dunstan, May 19.

Lost Articles—St. Anthony of Padua, June 13.

Lovers—St. Raphael, Oct. 24.

Marble-workers—St. Clement I. Nov. 23.

Mariners—St. Michael, Sep. 29; St. Nicholas of Tolentino, Sept. 10.

Mentally Ill—St. Dymphna, May 15.

Merchants—St. Francis of Assisi, Oct. 4; St. Nicholas of Myra, Dec. 6.

Messengers—St. Gabriel, Mar. 24.

Metalworkers—St. Eligius, Dec. 1.

Millers—St. Arnulph, Aug. 15; St. Victor, July 21.

Miners—St. Barbara, Dec. 4.

Missions—St. Francis Xavier, Dec. 3 (Foreign); St. Therese of Lisieux, Oct.. 3; (At home). St. Leonard of Port Maurice, Nov. 26; (Negro), St, Peter Claver. Sept. 9, St, Benedict the Moor. April 4.

Mothers—St. Monica, May 4.

Motorists—St. Christopher, July 25,

Motorcyclists—Our Lady of Grace, May 31.

Mountaineers—St. Bernard of Menthon, May 28.

Musicians—St. Cecilia, Nov. 22; St. Dunstan, May 19.

Nail-makers—St. Cloud, Sept. 7.

Notaries—St. Luke, Oct. 18; St. Mark, April 25.

Nurses—St. Agatha, Feb. 5; St. Camillus de Lellis, July 18; St. Alexlus, July 17; St. John of God, March 8; St. Raphael, Oct. 24.

Old Maids—St. Andrew, Nov. 30.

Orators—St. John Chrysostom, Jan. 27.

Organ Builders—St. Cecilia, Nov, 22.

Orphans—St. Jerome Aemilian. July 20.

Painters—St. Luke, Oct. 18.

Parachutists— St. Michael, Sep. 29.

Pawnbrokers—St. Nicholas of Myra, Dec. 6.

Philosophers—St. Justin, Apr. 14; St. Catherine of Alex., Nov, 25.

Physicians—St. Pantaleon. July 27; SS, Cosmas and Damian. Sept. 27; St. Luke, Oct. 18;St. Raphael, Oct. 24.

Pilgrims—St. Alexius, July 17; St. James, July 25.

Plasterers—St. Bartholomew. Aug, 24.

Poets—St. David. Dec. 29; St. Cecilia, Nov. 22.

Poisoning—St. Benedict, Mar. 21.

Police Officers—St, Michael, Sept. 29.

Poor—St. Lawrence, Aug. 10; St. Authony of Padua, June 13.

Porters—St. Christopher, July 25.

Possessed—St. Bruno, Oct. 6; St. Denis, Oct. 9.

Postal Workers—St. Gabriel, March 24.

Pregnant Women—St. Margaret, July 20; St. Raymund Nonnatus, Aug. 31: St. Gerard Majella, Oct. 16.

Priests—St. Jean-Baptiste Vianney, Aug. 9.

Printers—St. John of God, March 8; St. Augustine of Hippo, Aug. 23; St. Genesius, Aug. 25,

Prisoners—St. Dismas, Mar. 25; St. Barbara, Dec. 4.

Prisons—St. Joseph Cafasso, June 23.

Protector of Crops—St. Ansovinus, Mar. 13.

Radiologists—St. Michael, Sept. 29.

Radio-workers—St. Gabriel, March 24.

Retreats—St. Ignatius Loyola, July 31.

Rheumatism—St. James the Greater, July 25.

Sadellers—SS. Crispin and Crispinian, Oct. 25.

Sailors—St. Cuthbert, March 20; St. Brendan. May 16; St. Eulalia, Feb. 12; St. Christopher, July 25; St. Peter Gonzales, April 15; St. Erasmus, June 2.

Scholars—St. Brigid, Feb, 1.

Schools—St. Thomas Aquinas, March 7; St. Joseph Calasanctius, Aug. 27.

Scientists—St. Albert, Nov. 15.

Sculptors—St. Claude, Nov. 8.

Seminarians—St. Charles Borromeo. Nov. 4.

Servants—St. Martha. July 29; St, Zita, April 27,

Shoemakers—SS. Crispin and Crispinian, Oct. 25.

Sick—St. Michael, Sept. 29; St. John of God, March 8; St. Camillus de Lellis, July 18; St. Philomena, Aug.11.

Silversmiths—St. Andronicus, Oct, 11,

Singers—St. Gregory, Mar. 12; St. Cecilia, Nov. 22.

Skaters—St, Lidwina, Apr. 14.

Skiers—St. Bernard of Menthon, May 28.

Soldiers—St. Hadrian, Sept.8; St. George, April 23; St. Ignatius, July 31; St. Sebastian, Jan. 20; St. Martin of Tours, Nov. 11; St. Joan of Arc, May 30.

Sore Throat— St. Blaise, Feb. 3.

Stenographers—St. Genesius, Aug. 25; St. Cassian, Dec. 3.

Stone-cutters—St. Clement, Nov, 23.

Stone-masons—St. Stephen, Dec. 26; St. Barbara, Dec. 4.

Students—St. Thomas Aquinas, Mar. 7; St. Catherine of Alexandria, Nov. 25.

Surgeons—SS. Cosmas and Damian, Sept. 27.

Swordsmiths—St. Maurice, Sept. 22.

Tailors—St. Homobonus, Nov. 13.

Tanners—SS. Crispin and Crispinian. Oct. 25; St. Simon, May 10.

Taxgatherers—St. Matthew, Sep. 21.

Teachers—St. Gregory the Great, Mar. 12; St. Catherine of Alexandria, Nov. 25; (principal patron), St. John the Baptist de la Salle, May 15.

Telegraph/Telephone workers—St. Gabriel, March 24.

Television-workers—St. Gabriel, March 24.

Tertiaries—St. Louis of France, Aug. 25; St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Nov. 19.

Theologians—St. Augustine, Aug. 28; (Moral), St. Alphonsus Liguori, Aug. 2.

Travellers—St. Anthony of Padua, June 13; St. Nicholas of Myra, Dec. 6; St. Christopher, July 25; St.. Raphael, Oct. 24.

Undertakers—St. Dismas, Mar. 25.

Universal chur¢h—St. Joseph, March 19.

Universities—Blessed Contardo Ferrini Oct. 5.

Vocations—St. Alphonsus, Aug. 2.

Watchmen—St. Peter of Alcantara, Oct. 19.

Weavers—St. Paul the Hermit, Jan. 15; St. Anastasius the Fuller, Sept. 7; St. Anastasia, Dec. 25.

Wine-growers—St. Vincent, Jan. 22.

Wine-merchants—St. Amand, Feb. 6.

Wheelwrights—St. Catherine of Alexandra, Nov, 25.

Women in labour—St. Anne. July 26.

Women in the Army—St. Genevieve. Jan. 3.

Workingmen—St. Joseph, May 1.

Writers—St. Francis de Sales, Jan. 29; St. Lucy, Dec. 13.

Yachtsmen—St. Adjutor, Sept. 1.

Young Girls—St. Agnes, Jan. 21.

Youth—St. Aloysius Gonzga. June 21; St. John Berchmans, Aug. 13; St. Gabriel Possenti, Feb. 27.

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