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Rituale Romanum:

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Welcome to Laudate Dominum!

Here you will find the traditional rites and prayers of Holy Mother Church, as well as many other pious devotions, practised by Traditional Roman Catholics.

This site is dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ, and laid at the feet of our Lady.

May the Lord bless this site and all who visit!

For those of you who partake in the traditional Sacraments and Sacramentals, you will find a goldmine of rites from the Rituale Romanum, and many pious prayers and devotions from other Roman Catholic sources.

If you are looking for a ritual book for a traditional Catholic Priest, download the Collectio Rituum Romanum or a complete Latin/English Sunday Missal from the downloads page.

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    "The Catholic Church is living to-day precisely because she has ever refused to part with her doctrines, which are the doctrines of Christ. The heresies of the centuries parted with doctrines of Christian faith, in deference to human opinions, and they died in turn through the ages. Protestantism is dying visibly to-day. Any attempt to adjust Christianity to men's fallible speculations is suicidal. The Catholic Church adjusts men's ideas to Christian doctrine, and she stands, and will stand. Catholic doctrines are offensive to modern thought only because modern thought has ceased to be Christian, and the Catholic Church refuses to cease to be Christian. If men insist upon walking along the wrong track, the only way the Catholic Church could keep in their company would be to take the wrong track with them. But she prefers the right track. If modern thought does not harmonise with the Catholic Church, so much the worse for modern thought. However, modern chiefly the result of not thinking. Its authors are only too prone to ignore the evidence and take that to be true which they would like to be true."


--Rev. Dr. Rumble. MSC.


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It has come to the stage where I have had enough of people loading files from my downloads page to their own server and offering them for download from their own sites. It seems that breaking the Seventh Commandment and committing a MORTAL SIN means nothing to these people who call themselves "Christians". In future, I will name and shame persons using files from on their site without permission. The message to these so called "Christians is simple, if you want these types of files on your site go through the trouble and time of typing out your own! Perhaps you are either too lazy, stupid or arrogant to do this.

I will now also report these people to their webhosts under the Digital Milennium Copyright Act [DMCA] and have the copyrighted file(s) removed. If the offender is stupid enough to continue to post files which are copyright of another's site, the webhost will generally cancel the offenders account and close down their website.

There is a legal name for people who take things without consent!

Read the conditions of use for the files on the downloads page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


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14-04-24- Added a page on answers to 60 common questions asked by non-Catholics. Click here.

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